CHARITY MULENGA, 23, “ We hoped for a better life in Lusaka since it’s a bigger city and we thought jobs would be easier to get here," She hopes to start doing a second hand clothes business locally called “salaula” as soon as she manages to raise enough capital of about $500. Click here to help Charity.

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Anakazi Center emphasizes the importance of bringing light to the various issues facing women in Africa and the Diaspora. Women often face considerable challenges due to the influences of economic disenfranchisement, limited education and traditional practices that foster gender inequality.

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Are you an expert in business development, marketing, technology or other areas? Do you desire to contribute your skills and expertise to empowering women? Volunteer with Us.

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Anakazi Business Network chapters are designed to be motivating and rewarding for women who value and actively practice the principles and process of networking.

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Anakazi Center has hosted and presented at various academic and leadership conferences sharing original research and insights. To sign up for an event near you.

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Anakazi Center for African Women Empowerment and Development

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Provides a forum for peer learning, information exchange & access to resources which support expanding economic opportunities for women(more)


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If you are looking to make your way in business, try to find a mentor. If you are in a position to share the skills you have learned, give back by becoming a mentor.(more)

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ABN chapters are designed to be motivating and rewarding for women who value and actively practice the principles and process of networking.(more)



E-learning will help you gain the real-life business and technology skills you need to start or grow your business – in your own time, at your own pace.(more)


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This publication by the OECD addresses the reason for women’s specific needs for financial education, which are the barriers to women’s greater financial well-being and which are the existing policies responses. Moreover, it gives a brief introduction to some country case studies and offers generic guidelines for policy intervention.

Our Mission & Goals

Anakazi Center for Women’s Empowerment and Development (Anakazi Center) facilitates the economic and social empowerment of African women by increasing knowledge of global issues, advocating for human rights and supporting the equal participation of women and men in addressing development issues. Anakazi Center accomplishes this mission through two core areas: advocacy and business development.
Utilizing dynamic and culturally-relevant approaches to empower and propel African women toward success, Anakazi Center endeavors to achieve the following goals:

  • Connect women globally
  • Harness the power of women to create meaningful change in the family, community and local economy
  • Raise awareness of women’s issues and causes by leveraging media and partnerships
  • Center African women in programming and processes to avoid reinforcement of imbalanced power structures
  • Increase professional and business opportunities for women

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